Police Officer overdoses after brushing fentanyl powder off his uniform

(Moshtaghian, A)(2017) Police Officer overdoese after brushing fentanyl powder off his uniform-CNN


This article claims that a police officer in Ohio had a fentanyl overdose due to brushing fentanyl powder off his uniform. According to the article, the police officer almost immediately started feeling unwell and disoriented after doing so. He collapsed and was taken to the closest hospital. The claim stated that when he was checking out the car with fentanyl powder spread around he was wearing gloves so it could not absorb by skin contact. Reporters that were quoted in the article talk gravely about the danger of fentanyl claiming that it can be absorbed by the skin. According to the National Insistutes of Health, CDC, and Washington state Department of Health its unlikely that an overdose will occur through brief contact in powder form but do advised not to put it near your ears, eyes or mouth and to wash hands after contact. There have been many news outlets within news and social media stressing the danger of fentanyl. This causes high levels of stress and concern throughout the population making an issue of fentanyl skin absorption amplify and spread throughout the news. This fits within the category of "emotion" driving the spread of this misinformation and the idea that "something must be wrong" since fentanyl is a dangerous substance.