Social Media Disinformation

Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram

It is not about whether threats exist, but rather which ones deserve your attention. Listening to a scam like this would provoke lots of emotion for the human population, but it is just misinformation being spread, proven correct by nobody. So, there is no need for attention.
Disinformation by people in power are often believable. It is their credibility and ethos that leads us to believe such stories. Like this for example, the New York Times. One of the most infamous sources of information, why would they lie? It is easy for people to believe scams or lies when they are fed to us by powerful people.
The fear of getting scammed can often keep us from living up to our full values. The world is pushing so hard for the vaccine, but if scammed and this leads to health issues nobody would be able to live up to their true values. Also on the other hand, if the vaccine is effective and can protect all from strands of Covid, there is still the fear of its potential risks which would cause those who are not vaccinated and believe to be getting scammed, always at risk for the illness.



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