Wendy Bell Common Sense (09/16/23)

Wendy Bell Common Sense. Newsmax Broadcasting Inc. (2023b, September 16). https://www.newsmaxtv.com/Shows/Wendy-Bell-Common-Sense/vid/1_2jmi39cm


This news clip released on September 16th by Newsmax, dives into the circumstances surrounding the wildfires in Maui, Hawaii. Wendy Bell, the host of the segment called “Common Sense”, brings up convincing points nodding to the fires being an inside job by the government. This news item includes misinformation which can be seen as Wendy uses repetition, repeating “is it a coincidence that…” to draw attention to facts being ignored by the media. This builds suspicion among the watchers as she points out that the Maui Police Chief, John Pelletier, was the lead response to the 2017 Vegas Massacre. She also brings up the convincing argument that it isn't a coincidence that the largest system of emergency sirens in the world failed to go off and at the same time, all the water was turned off. Wendy uses the concept of conspiracy, drawing the conclusion that the Maui fires are an inside job, being covered up by Blackrock and the United Nations. She believes that this could be an attempt toward the government making Maui the first smart city running on 100% renewable energy. She backs this up by pointing out the emergency proclamation the Maui governor took out regarding construction just weeks before the fires. Wendy also uses the concept of emotion to make people question what they are hearing from other news sources and the media. She makes the viewers wonder if the government can really be trusted, especially if they are responsible for this great amount of destruction. Overall, this source includes misinformation, as Wendy Bell uses conspiracy and emotion to build up her idea that the Maui fires were not just a random environmental tragedy.



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