Kurt Cobain – Unsolved Mysteries

(Bardem, 2014)


This article dives into the death of grunge rockstar Kurt Cobain which shook the world in 1994. Cobain's official cause of death was ruled as a suicide. This ruling was found due to various reasons:

1. Cobain was a known drug user. After his autopsy he was found to have a 'near-lethal dose of heroin in his bloodstream' (Bardem, 2014?)*
2. A shotgun and shells were found next to Cobain's body.
3. Cobain left behind a suicide note.

The article tries to debunk Cobain's cause of death in multiple ways. It discusses how there were no legible fingerprints on the shotgun, or the pen he used to write his suicide note. The article then prompts the reader by asking, if Cobain had a near-fatal amount of heroin in his system, wouldn't he be too incapacitated to pull the trigger? (Emotion). Cobain's then wife Courtney Love, hired a private investigator to look into her late husband's death and find out if there was any foul play involved. Love's Private Investigator, Tom Grant believes that someone did in fact have a hand in play for Cobain's death. (Nefarious intent). He claims that someone tried to use Cobain's credit card twice, after he was already dead. This article is trying to get a rise of its readers. It claims that Cobain did not in fact, die of suicide, but rather that he was murdered. (Something must be wrong). It ignores the official ruling of his death and instead places suspicion on Cobain's life before his untimely demise. (Conspiracy).

* I am unsure of when the original article was posted, but the earliest comment on it is from 2014.