Neymar’s alleged sexual relationship with man

Euler, M., & Scooby, I. de P. (2023, July 30). Neymar’s alleged sexual relationship with man. MARCA.

This article demonstrates misinformation because Neymar was once married. He has been seen at his ex-wife’s marriage because they made a promise to each other that he would still be close with her and watch her be happy from a far. He also has a girlfriend himself and her name is Bruna Biancardi. They are having their first baby together and he also has another kid with his past wife. This shuts down any allegations of Neymar being gay and proves that those allegations are fake. He has been around many girls in his lifetime, and it is really hard to say that he has had sexual intercourse with men. He has proven to us all that he is far from gay and that this article is a good example of misinformation.

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