Modern Flat Earth beliefs

Modern Flat Earth beliefs – Wikipedia,and%20assertions%20are%20not%20based%20on%20scientific%20knowledge.

It is misinformation because it conflicts with the overwhelming quantity of data that shows the Earth is an oblate spheroid, the notion that the Earth is flat is regarded as false knowledge. This proof comes from a variety of sources, such as celestial body observations, the appearance of the Earth's shadow during lunar eclipses, and satellite images. The idea of a flat Earth also leaves out numerous natural occurrences, such the way ships vanish beyond the horizon, the constellations' shifting locations as you move north or south, and the existence of distinct time zones. The majority of scientists agree that our world is round, not flat, and this opinion is strongly supported by centuries of study and observation.
This is a conspiracy theory because it entails the notion that there is a major worldwide cover-up to conceal the real form of the Earth, the idea that the Earth is flat is sometimes referred to as a conspiracy theory. This hypothesis contends that the public is being purposefully misled regarding the shape of the Earth by governments, space agencies, scientists, and other institutions. However, these statements are not backed up by any reliable evidence. Instead, a plethora of factual data has been offered by the scientific community that supports the Earth's spherical form. The flat Earth conspiracy theory is a fringe idea maintained by a tiny minority because it is based on mistrust of existing institutions and frequently lacks scientific rigor and empirical support. In conclusion, it is categorized as a conspiracy theory because it disregards generally acknowledged scientific information in favor of unproven allegations of dishonesty.