Mandela Effect Conspiracy Explained

"A viral phenomenon has taken the internet by storm, having people question what’s real and what’s not. Many people have vivid memories of certain logos, quotes or brand names being one way and are confused when they find out that something they believed to be true, isn’t. This is what is now referred to as the “Mandela Effect.”…What makes the Mandela Effect different from the average faulty memory is that people are thoroughly convinced that what they remember is correct, and some go as far as to say that there are parallel universes in which the memory they have is correct."

This article/ news illustrates the concept of conspiracies theories because people may believe a certain thing being one way when in reality it isn't, this could be do to gaslighting. Gaslighting happens someone tries to control another person by twisting their sense of reality. It doesn't always have to be because of gaslighting, another example of the “Mandela Effect” include the belief that the children’s book Berenstain Bears is spelled Berenstein Bears, with an ‘ein;’ and the Monopoly man having a monocle when in fact he doesn’t. This shows that people could just think that's that make perfect sense but when brought to your attention is is wrong just because we don't thoroughly observe things. However, the effect is sometimes compared to déjà vu and can be explained by the human capacity for confabulation, an unintentional distortion of memory. Confabulated memories, which are often associated with the brain's frontal lobes. As we can see there are many conspiracies created to try and get an understanding of this effect.