Conspiracy theorist spreads false information about the return of COVID-19 mandates

This article discussed misinformation involving the reinstatement of the Covid 19 mask mandate for airline employees. For many people, this triggered an emotional response since they had previously felt very constricted by the rules that were put in place during the past pandemic. This may have cause them to feel as though we were moving backwards instead of forwards in regards to handling this infectious disease. However, no mask mandates were actually being reinstated and this was ultimately just an example of the spread of false information. The fact that this article could potentially cause such an emotional response means that it played on its audiences ethos. The use of ethos is a very effective way to spread misinformation because when a person feels strongly about a subject, they are more likely to remember it and even pass the ideas to others. There are many conspiracy theories involving Covid 19 and this is just one example of them.


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