Tim Wakefield’s Death Prompts Spread of Vaccine Misinformation


While this article is not promoting misinformation, it brings awareness of misinformation when it comes to conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 Vaccine. These conspiracy theories are trying to link COVID-19 and cancer. In this article it talks about the late and great Tim Wakefield's death. He was a Red Socks player who retired and died due to brain cancer. The theory is that the COVID-19 vaccine created cancer cells and tumors in his brain and killed him. While The National Health Institution has proven these theories wrong and stated, "there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer, lead to recurrence, or lead to disease progression. Furthermore, COVID-19 vaccines do not change your DNA (your genetic code)". (Powers Paragraph 3). This does not stop or deafen these theories. Now I think these theories came to be because ever since the vaccine came out there was always concerns and worries that it was bad for you and made you sicker and since a famous person in society has died and has had the vaccine as of recent, they wanted to push their cause and draw sometime of connection to Tim's death and the COVID-19 Vaccine.